About 2,500 native trees and shrubs are grown in our nursery each year. They are used primarily in local conservation projects to protect stream banks, minimize wind erosion and to improve wildlife habitat.

We recommend planting container-grown trees and shrubs instead of bareroot trees and shrubs. Container grown trees and shrubs are larger (typically in a 2-3 gallon container) which allows them to rapidly get above competing weeds. By planting the entire contents of a 2-3 gallon container, you are planting an intact, well-distributed network of roots, allowing the tree to rapidly begin growing. In contrast, many bareroot planting do not show much growth the first year since this time is spent developing a new root network.

Contrary to popular wisdom, the best dates for planting trees and shrubs for conservation projects is in the fall (October 1 to November 15 in our area). Trees and shrubs planted in the spring in upland setting often require irrigation for several months until their roots are established. By contrast, planting in the fall allows the tree to acclimate to its new site and expand its roots during the winter. The following year the tree or shrub is then well prepared for rapid growth. It is not unusual for container-grown, fall planted trees and shrubs to double in size during their first growing season.

If you are interested in native trees and/or shrubs for a conservation project, please contact us. We typically have small quantities available but for larger orders it is best to contact us well before you need them so we can grow them out for you.

We will not have any additional nursery products available until fall of 2019 as all of our current production is committed to a new conservation project we are working on.


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